Photon Death Ray: Opto Compressor

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Photon Death Ray: 

Opto Compressor with Human Ear Sidechain

Most compressors can be difficult to dial-in. Ratio, Threshold, Attack, Release, and Sidechain EQ are all important parameters, but do you really want to deal with each of these individually? Enter the Photon Death Ray: an opto compressor with minimal controls and maximum functionality. The attack and release are controlled by an incredibly musical photo-optical element in a program-dependent manner. In other words, it manages the attack and release based on the way you are playing. The integrated sidechain EQ is also something of beauty and what makes this compressor so exciting. It is designed to mimic the equal loudness contours of the human ear. That’s right. This compressor is listening carefully and knows just how much compression to apply. No more blindly squashing low notes into oblivion like so many other compressors.

The Photon Death Ray has 3 controls (COMP, MIX, VOL) and a THRESH switch. The COMP knob controls the amount of compression ranging from smooth and transparent to round and punchy. An LED is included to indicate when the threshold has been reached and also let you know just how much compression is being applied. The MIX knob allows you to blend some of your original tone back into the mix to keep the most natural attack possible. The THRESH switch extends the range of the pedal to support both active and passive pickups. The VOL knob sets the overall output level. The most musical compressor available for guitar or bass.

Power Supply Requirements: 9-18V, 50mA, Center Negative (not included)