Welcome to the mind of Doc Lloyd - an eclectic place where music, engineering, and art blend seamlessly into the creations that unfold before you. Get to know the people involved:

Russ "Doc" Lloyd
Chief Engineering Officer
Russ began selling his hand-made effects pedals in 2017, but the seeds were planted decades earlier. He started playing guitar at a young age and then shifted his primary focus to bass at age 15. Soon thereafter he and two other blues/rock obsessed teenagers found themselves in a high energy trio that would play as many live shows as their ears could handle and record every time they could work their way into their favorite recording studio (which was conveniently located in the guitarist's parents' basement). It was during these years Russ found himself enamored with how electronic equipment was used to shape sound and decided to pursue Electrical Engineering.

After receiving his Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue in 2007, he then spent the next 10 years honing his craft in the electronics industry. Most nights after work were spent down in his basement workshop designing and experimenting with tube amps and guitar effects.

While the industry experience was incredibly valuable, he still yearned for something more rewarding. Cubicles, conference calls, TPS reports...there had to be more to life. Then one day it dawned on him. Why not build upon his professional experience and apply it to something musical, exciting, and unique? Doc Lloyd Audio was born.

Russ received a Master's in Electrical Engineering from NC State in 2018 and is now focusing his intellectual and creative energy on audio design for the latest Doc Lloyd creations.

Marty Fredrick
Chief Manufacturing Officer
Marty is a pastor, father of four, and drummer extraordinaire. From the moment he picked up a soldering iron it was clear that it would be just as comfortable as another drumstick. The man moves molten Tin-Lead around like nobody’s business. We take quality very seriously at Doc Lloyd Audio and Marty is a crucial part of making sure each and every pedal is reliable gig after gig. 

Jason Walsh
Chief Demonstration Officer
Jason is a recording engineer, guitarist, and tone guru who has an ear for gear. If you're listening to a demo on this website, he's the guy wielding the axe. There's nothing more important than having other trusted musicians play early prototypes and provide feedback. This is an iterative process that helps produce the highly-refined designs offered by Doc Lloyd Audio. Jason is critical to this process and when it comes to final approval, he's the only one with the authority to say it's ready to go.

J Burke
Chief Illustration Officer

Beer label artist turned pedal illustrator, J has done it all. He works digitally but always starts in the analog world of ink and lead. There's something natural about analog design for both electronics and art that can't be replicated with digital technology. His art is inspired by his love for music and, in turn, inspires others to create their own in ways they never thought possible.