Face Ripper: Gated Fuzz

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Face Ripper:
Gated Fuzz without the Fuss

Imagine this. Someone asks where you put the fuzz pedal in your signal path and you get to respond, “Anywhere I damn well please!”. For a traditional fuzz, you essentially have no choice but to put your fuzz first in the chain. In the case of an active instrument, most fuzz pedals are essentially unusable. Enter the Face Ripper: a silicon fuzz that works equally well with active or passive pickups and couldn’t care less if it’s first or last in your chain. It’s also equally happy driving another pedal, an amp input, or even a mixing board. No Fuss.

The Face Ripper has 4 controls (FUZZ, BIAS, TONE, VOL). The FUZZ knob controls the level of saturation. The BIAS knob is used to starve the transistors to decrease the pulse width and introduce a gating effect that leaves your amp silent between bursts of fuzzy goodness. The TONE knob controls the treble and the VOL knob sets the overall output level. Those highly sought-after velcro ripping, synthy tones are all here for guitar or bass.

Power Supply Requirements: 9-18V, 50mA, Center Negative (not included)